Secret Jeers

by Different Skeletons

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Secret Jeers is our first album.


released October 21, 2011

Music: Jimbo Jones, Thunder D, Danger Dean, D-Bo.

Recording: Chris "The Wild Guy" Evans.
Mastering: "Wild" Graham Barg.




all rights reserved


Different Skeletons Toronto, Ontario

Different Skeletons is the moniker under which three individuals write, record and perform "rock and roll" songs in Toronto, Ontario.

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Track Name: Nerves
As soon as I could see.
Eyes red from smoke and tears.
Wanted me to be.
How you want, for fifty years.

Don't push me, or I'll push you back.
Track Name: Secret Jeers Pt. 1
Hear the muffled cries.
See the hopeful gaze.
That's not yet weary of ardent ways.
I can't stop, hack it up from the black of my lungs.
And it still might be, any fun.

One owl, two hens.
Three larks, four wrens.
New arrivals, Old friends.
I can still remember when.
Idle hands, weak wills.
Looking for some mischief still.
Little minds, big thrills.
Box checked, time filled!
Track Name: All Going to Die
One hundred men that pass away.
And all their sad old friends will say...
They all whisper, of where their souls will go.
Some folks float, some hang low.

We're all gonna die.
We're all gonna die soon.
Track Name: Buried Alive
Hang your head in worry.
Wonder where you'll be.
Destined in a hurry.
Ragged Company.
Things could work out better.
Belly Round and fed.
Weeks before they should.
Shot him in the head.

Buried Alive, Dreaming Fear.
Weather's nice this time of year.
Traffic signs may lead you near.
But every turn is the wrong way to go.
Track Name: Look Like Hell
Launched up high now, can't breathe the air.
Far out out, but can't see a god up there.
Stay up all night, chuckle little bit.
Paused for concern, he almost quit.

It's getting so now, we can't see the sun.
Sucks to forget, keep on keepin' on.

You look like hell.
Track Name: Meaningful Looks
Got my eyes open wide, I can't quite see it.
I'm totally spooked, but I can't quite flee it.
My mind's out of sorts, and I can't control it.
I know that everything we're doing is so wrong...
but I still support it.
(So far behind, with thoughts bent on winning.
My mind is so sad, my face is still grinning.)

I hang around, for months.
Just to try it, even once.
I'm so out to lunch.
Am I still part of this bunch?
Track Name: Non-Sensory Blues
Not quite awake, at the moment.
And to me it's fine to do.
Sleeping the sleep of the just until a quarter to two.
Can't ascertain, of a purpose.
Breaking plates and banging pans around.
Even if I'm not making a dent, I'm making a sound.

Senses are all wrong...
In between.
Track Name: Secret Jeers Pt. 2
It wasn't my idea.
It wasn't my fault.
It wasn't my idea.
Or was it?

I was thinking of my self.
I was living... free?
Track Name: Samsonite
Truth of what is fair.
Never changed through the years.
Focus on what's just.
Retreat from my fears.
Fear of what I can't.
Admit to be the truth.
To proud to accept.
To easy to amuse.

Honour bound, down and out.

Courage under fire.
Keeping a cool head.
Pass the bottle 'round.
For everyone to share.
Always watch your back.
Cover up your tracks.
Abandon sinking ship.
This vessel which you made.

Honour bound down and out.