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Devils is our third album. It was written towards the themes of revelry, nostalgia, love, and loss.


released August 10, 2014

Music by: Jimbo Jones, Thunder-D and D-Bo.

Mastered by: Graham "The Master" Barg



all rights reserved


Different Skeletons Toronto, Ontario

Different Skeletons is the moniker under which three individuals write, record and perform "rock and roll" songs in Toronto, Ontario.

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Track Name: Devils
Everyone I see has devils inside
They can't disappear, but they try to hide

Losing thoughts, that won't get found
Drag your carcass off the ground
Ringing in your ears, but no real sounds
In the corners of your eyes, there are devils all around...

That I can see, but they aint got the best of me... (not yet).
Track Name: If and When
What do you know?
The same things happen all the time.
Even though you're gone,
you're always on my mind.

And I drown each night in a sea of shame.
The fire's out, but the burns remain.

All I know is all that I can see, and you don't seem so different from me.
Track Name: Fastidious
Just to get by, we've been walking through this cold, cold ground.
All the time, we'll be walking 'til we're ten feet down.
It's all I know, hands are shaking and the fear still shows.
Far from home, it's the same face that you've seen before.

Whats next? I really want to know.
Track Name: My Chagrin
Lost with no directions, I just don't trust my mind.
Searching just from memory, the place is hard to find.
Is it what you really felt? Or what you thought you should?
Is it what you really did? Or what you said you would?

Sit and watch it burn, same patterns once again.
Leaving, ain't you heard? Much to my chagrin.
Track Name: Fighting Words (Part 2)
Watching from the outside, try to pass another year.
Anyone notice, when you go?
Face to face, overcome with fear.
Imagined more than you'll ever know.

Isn't this something you should know?
Isn't this something you can see?
Track Name: Not Alone
Oh darling, won't you tell me where can we find more time?
Twisted ankles, broken bottles and a tear in your eye.
Broken window, you can't fix it.
So, why even try?
Oh darling, gonna love you 'til the day that I die.

You're not alone, but you're far from me.
Travelling on, Living free.
All the fun that we had, it was sometimes pretend.
Everybody trying to forget, that everything ends.
Track Name: No Easy Task
Oh, not born on time.
They pinched his skull, he can't think right.
My eye it still, blinks every time
My body still, sleeps every night

And a heart that pumps his blood.
Track Name: Far From Here
It's been a while since I last dreamt of that.
Slipping through the far side of the tracks.
And in time we find things bent or cracked,
Flies on walls for lovers spats.

Paper walls and sharpened knives,
and those long drawn out goodbyes.
Fresh regrets, from passed down habits,
the days are long, and we don't know why...

Your lungs breathe far away
Your lungs breathe far away from here